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Placer Discover
New York 2022

Discover the Future of Brick and Mortar Through Location Analytics

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at Pier 59
Chelsea Piers, New York
Dec 6, 2022
9:00am - 12:30pm Discover Brings Together Key Stakeholders

Join us at the Placer Discover: New York 2022 event where we bring together key stakeholders from retail and real estate to uncover new data-based insights around brick and mortar retail. Hear from experts about the industry trends that are changing the face of retail real estate.

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9:00 am


Network as you enjoy small brunch bites,
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10:00 am

Opening's President, Koby Ben-Zvi will break down company highlights from 2022 while giving a look at how the product will evolve in 2023 and beyond.


Koby Ben-Zvi

Ethan Chernofsky
Ethan Chernofsky

VP Marketing

Darcy Rutzen
Darcy Rutzen

Senior Vice President, Property Management

M & J Wilkow

Brandon Isner
Brandon Isner

Head of Retail Research


Loren Miller
Loren Miller

Senior Vice President, U.S. Media & Experiential


David Spawn
David Spawn

VP of Research, Marketing


More Speakers to
be Announced...
10:15 am

CRE in 2023:
What to Expect

In this panel we look at the key trends influencing the wider retail and retail real estate markets and how they could impact 2023, while looking at the role of data in helping to improve decision making.

11:15 am

Expert Panel:
Making Sense
of the Data

Data is changing the way the retail real estate ecosystem operates by utilizing consumer intelligence to improve decision-making and mitigate risks by bringing massive amounts of information to their fingertips. But how do we separate the signal from the noise?

In this panel we will talk to leading data players to understand how to maximize data in the current retail environment.

Ben Witten

Head of Real Estate

Cynthia Pearl

Senior Vice President, Retail Strategy Services


Erich Kahner

Director of Strategy and Insights, North America


JJ Perino

Founder & President

Two Ten

12:15 pm



Current at Pier 59,
Chelsea Piers, New York

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